Daily Journal #33

November 16, 2018

Started off my work day meeting a friend at the coffee shop in the morning! First off, the barista was super nice especially having equipment fail on her while dealing with a lot of customers. Kudos to her. And the friend I was meeting up did some work for my business and I am so excited to share it soon!! She is amazing, talented and super down-to-earth. Can you believe I met her at her calligraphy workshop and then found out she was a current customer at my shop?? So crazy. I went to work afterwards and worked in the store until 3pm. Did some work in the office and we braved the rush hour traffic home. Stopped by the grocery store again and decided to make pasta again! Except made pasta that was more gut friendly. Our tummies weren’t too happy last night. Got my workout in today too. It was a good day.

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Daily Journal #32

November 15, 2018

Worked in my business/the store today. Worked 10am to 5pm. Nothing too eventful, but productive. Went to the grocery store. Ralph and I cooked some pasta for dinner and it was delicious. It was also my rest day in my workout plan as well so no workout for me. We have also started watching the Voice again on Hulu. I forget how happy it makes me feel watching it. I am always all smiles and laughter. It beats watching something more serious that makes me feel more tense. The Voice is always a good wind-down type of show for me. And trust me, I always need a wind down process especially after late nights at work so I am able to relax and get restful sleep.

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