Daily Journal #36

November 19, 2018

Mondays are fun days too! I started the morning off taking my car into the shop. That’s when I realized how sleepy I was still. Good thing I was able to go grab my chai tea latte afterwards. (Chai is my go-to drink ever since I cut down on coffee. Yes, it’s caffeinated still but it doesn’t affect me like coffee.) Working in the store today was good. It was a typical day, just a little slower. I think everyone is prepping for Thanksgiving. We usually have manager meetings on Mondays and today was no different. However, I have been practicing gratitude the past week or so with my fitness accountability group. I decided to bring a gratitude exercise and element into our meeting tonight. It fit so well with all the positive mindset talk we’ve been covering lately! And perfect week to do so. Another good day! No emotional mood swings or outbursts.

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Daily Journal #34

November 17, 2018

Started my day with a photo shoot! I was helping my sister shoot pictures for a 1st birthday. I ended up taking all the photos! It was really fun and the baby was so cute! She photographed so beautifully and it was a unicorn theme too! I was able to sneak in some shots for a giveaway as well, so that was nice. Back in the office for the rest of the evening working on the giveaway itself and planning it out. My eyes are tired probably from all the lights, screens and cameras throughout the day. My eyes have become much more sensitive over the years. Caught up with a few friends before I left the store and chatted about the hip hop organization I was a part of in college. They are now running it and I couldn’t be happier. It’s crazy and amazing to see how far it has grown and to see friends doing well. Very inspiring. Ended the night at home with my loves and a good workout. One of my better days. Thankful.

Daily Journal #33

November 16, 2018

Started off my work day meeting a friend at the coffee shop in the morning! First off, the barista was super nice especially having equipment fail on her while dealing with a lot of customers. Kudos to her. And the friend I was meeting up did some work for my business and I am so excited to share it soon!! She is amazing, talented and super down-to-earth. Can you believe I met her at her calligraphy workshop and then found out she was a current customer at my shop?? So crazy. I went to work afterwards and worked in the store until 3pm. Did some work in the office and we braved the rush hour traffic home. Stopped by the grocery store again and decided to make pasta again! Except made pasta that was more gut friendly. Our tummies weren’t too happy last night. Got my workout in today too. It was a good day.

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Daily Journal #21

November 4, 2018

Only a 4 hour shift and it was so difficult working through it. Afterwards, I was in my office and had a training session to do. Thank goodness for naps and thank goodness for gaining an extra hour from daylight savings. I was a little emotional and feeling stressed from feeling so tired lately but was able to push through it. Heading to sleep early tonight.