Daily Journal #2

October 17, 2018

Second full day not on the pill. Yesterday was fine. PMDD kicked in pretty hard today though. Slept in, wanted to sleep more. Body felt heavy and drained. Good thing Ralph brought me some Advil to take for the pain. My day off so the plan was to take it easy. I was really hoping to get some work done but that didn’t happen. Went to the pharmacy to pick up the rest of my birth control pills. Something got missed on their end and I ended up waiting there for almost an hour and a half. I was getting impatient and felt terrible for my dogs, since I had them with me and they were in the car. I had a break down and cried. Felt miserable. So once I finally received the pills, went home and slept some more. As miserable as I felt, not the worst that I have been and it was my day off so I didn’t need to be out in the world today. (Except to pick up my birth control pills which is medicine to me and I could not go another day without it.)