Daily Journal #15

October 29, 2018

14 hour day at the store. From early morning prep work, training and meetings. Mondays have been packed full as of late. I am still not used to waking up super early. Naturally a night owl and work schedule is always fluctuating. I also felt a little sick this morning, but that passed after a few hours.

After this weekend, I’ve thought a lot about slowing down and being more gentle on myself. Thinking more about what really matters. Thought about the kind of impact Bo also left behind and how inspiring it was to see how many lives he had touched just by being him. He was inspiring and there’s so much to learn from him.

Death can be painful, but there’s always a lesson.

Ended the night with chats about parents, putting too much pressure and forcing certain expectations onto their children, and growing up. It started with a chat with one of our employees and we continued the conversation long after because it resonated with us so much.