Daily Journal #13

October 27, 2018

My heart is heavy tonight. We left for the hospital as soon as got wind of the news. I knew if it was the other way, you would have done the same for me. Because that’s the kind of person you were. You were always there for people regardless of distance or how much time has passed.

And it’s been awhile for us. Long time, actually, since we’ve last hung out or caught up. We have barely talked except briefly during special events. And now… I wish that I took the time to talk to you a little longer all those times. I wish I had checked in on you and reached out more but we don’t get those times back do we. There are no do overs. This. Is. It.

I remember when we were a little younger we’d always introduce each other as cousins because it was so much easier than explaining how we knew each other. We would always end up explaining the whole story anyways though!

We will always remember all the joy and laughter you brought to everyone around you. You will always be in our hearts.