Daily Journal #1

I started this blog to document and to share my story. I was hit with FEAR and worry about HOW to tell my story. I love to write but I also worry that I didn’t have enough to write. I worried about what exactly to write and how to deliver it and what you would think.

E N O U G H.

You guys, I am about to hit 1 year of being officially diagnosed with PMDD. I survived another year and have learned a whole lot more. I realize I want to SPREAD AWARENESS and the best way I think I can do that is to share more without letting fear paralyze me.

So here is the start of my Daily Journal for all of you to read. I’m going to share a little piece that sums up my day and provides a little glimpse into my world every single day. Because soooo many of you haven’t heard of PMDD before and may not understand what it may look like. It’s even difficult for me to explain my experience, so come on this ride with me and let’s explore. It’s always better with good company and don’t forget to check back every night for my daily update.


October 16, 2018
I’ve already had a tiring weekend and now a long workday. I ran out of birth control pills a day ago and do not get my refill until tomorrow. Surprisingly, I am doing really good today. No crazy emotions, good mood. Almost too good of a day. So I am a little scared about my emotional state for tomorrow. Good thing it’s my day off.