Going on Birth Control Pills for 1 Year w/PMDD

Wow, it has been 1 year!

One year since I was officially diagnosed with PMDD so I wanted to share with you what it was really like being on Birth Control Pills. I am going to start off with saying that I did NOT want to go on birth control pills. My primary doctor had discussed and suggested that I go on birth control pills before. It wasn’t to treat PMDD. It was so I didn’t have an unplanned pregnancy, however I declined.

When I was diagnosed with PMDD, however, I had to really rethink it. The only choices that seemed available were to take antidepressants, the pill or do nothing. I couldn’t do nothing and I didn’t want to take antidepressants either. So, my doctor and I decided to start with birth control pills. We would add the antidepressants if necessary later down the road.

How am I using it?

  • I am taking a hormone pill every night for 90 days straight. Then, I am taking the placebo pills for a few days max. And repeat. (I cannot bear to go a full week of placebo pills since this is the time where PMDD will kick in.)

How has it helped my PMDD?

  • When I am on the pill, I have a better sense of control over my emotions.

  • I just FEEL better and NORMAL I am able to process much clearer.

  • I don’t get my period every month, which means less pain and less days dealing with PMDD.

What are the downsides of birth control pills?

  • To no surprise to most girls, the side effects. I get nauseous sometimes when I take the pill, especially if I haven’t had a lot to eat.

  • Remembering to take it every single night. It gets difficult sometimes because my schedule fluctuates a lot week to week. I have an ongoing alarm though to remind me to take my pill every night, which helps tremendously! There are times that I do forget to take a pill or I run out and didn’t get a refill in time. I have lost a few packets too earlier this summer when we moved in to our new house. Each time something similar happens, I risk getting back or having to deal with PMDD. I pretty much freak out each time it happens.

  • Not being able to get pregnant. This may actually be a plus for some girls, but not for me.

  • The biggest downside for me are the few days I have the full blown experience of PMDD. And once it’s over, realizing what a difference it was. It was night and day.

Will I continue using birth control pills to treat PMDD?

  • Right now, I am going to continue using birth control pills for treatment until I can find a better alternative for me. I am hoping that I won’t have to be reliant on birth control pills for treating my PMDD. I am looking into holistic and natural ways of healing. Also, I have been focusing on improving my overall mental and physical health to be better equipped to fight PMDD more naturally.

Using birth control pills to treat PMDD was not my preferred choice by all means. It was a difficult pill to swallow (pun so intended) for me to even agree to taking birth control pills. Believe me, it was not easy for me. I was deeply disturbed by it but I decided that if it helps, then I would do it. For my own sake and for the sake of my relationships with others, I had to do it. I am so glad that I did because it made having this thing so much more manageable. I was able to feel normal. I will continue to look for other alternatives and perhaps one day, if I am brave enough, I will try going off the pill altogether.